The 36th Kiwanis Walleye World event held this past weekend was a nail bitter for a number of Anglers bringing in big fish with hopes of winning the 1st place prize package consisting of a Legend Boat, Mercury Motor and trailer package from North Country Marine, valued at $30,000.00. In the end it came down to a walleye that was 13 ounces heavier. The weight of that fish was 12.89 and the second place fish was 12.03. There were many fish weighed in over the weekend including four that were over 10 lbs.

Richard Durston and Joe Champagne Senior Walleye winners

The winning fish was caught by Kingston Anglers Richard Durston and Joe Champagne. The pair launched their boat at midnight near Kingston and headed out into waters of Lake Ontario. They fished all night then went home for sleep during the day. They caught about a dozen fish over the course of the weekend with the smallest weighing about 7lbs. They didnt employ any of the typical Bay of Quinte fishing strategies like planer boards and line counter reels, opting for spinning tackle, 10 lb mono and the quiet of a bow mounted trolling motor. The lure of choice was a husky jerk in both firetiger and purple/orange. They caught the fish at about 4 in the morning and knew they had the winner but had to take a rather long boat ride to get to the closest weigh station. The rest of their weekend was spent fishing but with one eye on the liveleader board.

In the Senior Pike division the winner was long time tournament Angler David Chong along with fellow Anglers Russ Watkins and Terry Holder. The trio started the day launching out of the Glenora Ferry area at 6:00am and fished until 6:30 pm a solid 12 hours of casting jerk baits. The jerk bait of choice was a Lucky Craft Pointer 100 in perch color. When asked about color David answered " Might as well feed them what they are eating and thats perch". He went on to explain that using the proper type of leader, one that stand up to a big pike biting and yet not ruin the action of the lure. He used a 30 lb titanium Stringease tippit. Over the course of the weekend they covered alot of water and ran as far as the 'Gap" but actually caught the fish in Hay Bay. they landed about 17 fish over 2 days but only 5 of them were over 7 lbs. At one point over the weekend David had 2 of the top 10 spots with the smaller pike of 11.11 pounds eventually bumped from the leaderboard

Russ Watkins, David Chong and Terry Holder Winners of the Senior Pike Division

On the Junior side of things the winner in the walleye division was Nolan Walcott, who is the nephew of local Charter Captain Scott Walcott of Bay of Quinte Charters. Unfortunately 11 year old Nolan was not available to attend the prize ceremony as he was already in Toronto playing at a soccer game. However, speaking with Uncle Scott, it was a busy night on the water as the crew was comprised of Scott with his 2 boys, Scotts' brother Chris with his son and finally friend Jeff Chisholm with his son. The three adults and four boys fished everywhere from Picton Bay to Shermans Point and Hay Bay. At one point during the weekend two of the four boys were in the top 5 positions. Nolan kept checking the Live Leaderboard often and was thrilled to win. Unfortunately George who was holding on to 5th spot was bumped in the final hours of the tournament. The winning fish was caught at about 9pm and was fooled by a worm harness.

The Junior Pike division was won by Alex Swain. Alex was very quiet on stage and was able to share that he caught the pike fishing with a red and white spoon but all else was top secret.

Here are the full results

Senior Pike Results

# Name Weight
1 David Chong 14.5700
2 Greg Harris 14.4100
3 Eric Machold 13.4700
4 Barry Mark 12.7200
5 Jeff Moore 12.6100
6 Chris Cox 11.8300
7 Rob Aulthouse 11.1700
8 Jon Mandryk 10.9300
9 John Findlay 10.7500
10 Andrew Shufelt 10.5600

Senior Walleye Results

# Name Weight
1 Richard Durston 12.8900
2 Jeff Lupton 12.0300
3 John Clayton 10.4900
4 Jeff London 10.1600
5 Baxter Patey 9.9400
6 Bill Barber 9.9400
7 Markus Bardy 9.8700
8 Steve Loback 9.8700
9 Mark Dupont 9.7400
10 Chuck Monger 9.7000

Junior Pike Results

# Name Weight
1 Alex Swain 8.7700
2 Ethan Caley 8.0200
3 Travis Warner 7.6700
4 Jeremy VanGrunsven 6.9400
5 Alyssa Splan 5.7500

Junior Walleye Results

# Name Weight
1 Nolan Walcott 7.6700
2 Nash Henley 7.1800
3 Jeremy Van Grunsen 6.4800
4 Albert Delcloo 5.9300
5 Michael Beinschrotch 5.4800